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Christ Church Cathedral is the cathedral of the diocese of Oxford, where three counties Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire formed it. It is located at the building of Christ Church College at the University of Oxford.

looking back into the history of Cathedral, it was the church of St Frideswide’s Priory. Later on in 1532 King Henry VIII refounded the College. Today it is the Chapel of Christ Church at Oxford University.

Christ Chruch is one of the smallest cathedral. Cathedral building was built on the architecture style of Romanesque and English Gothic. It was built in the year 1160-1200. Christ Church Cathedral and Christ Church College are one of the main tourist attractions in Oxford, there are no tourists or visitors who will not visit Cathedral whenever they visit Oxford.

Along with the Christ Church Cathedral, Christ Church College has many historical facts it carries. College has produced thirteen Prime Minster for the nations which is highest among all the colleges.


How to Get There:

If you are in Oxford City Centre you can simply walk down to Christ Church Cathedral or you can board any bus goes towards St Aldate’s.

St Aldate’s, Oxford ,


Cathedral is located in the heart of Oxford. There will be no problem of Food and Snacks. It is located quite near to the Oxford City Centre, Café and restaurants are available.

Christ Church Cathedral and the entire site is magnificent, one can witness the beauty of Ancient History and admire it. It is the place one should not miss whenever they visit Oxfordshire or England, specially Oxford. Next time if you are in Oxfordshire or in England please do visit the Christ Church Cathedral. We would like to welcome you all. Have a nice Stay!!!

Important Information:

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